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This is a product designed to be used by girls and women during their menstruation.

This is an important period for women and they need to feel comfortable and dry.  For women who us pads or tampons, this product can come as a refreshing choice for several reason

1.      It is disposable and you do to have to soil your pants

2.      It can be used as a backup for tampons

3.      No washing needed and for women in places where  water is scarce -this comes as a life line

4.      It is an attractive product that looks like a regular underwear with a thin pad that is blended perfectly  into the pant

5.      Designed to be easily removed when necessary

6.      It is an alternative to pads and tampons



 How did the idea come about?

I am a woman who was frustrated about using a regular pad and staining my pants. I hated scrubbing and struggling to remove stains on my pants and thought that there must be a better way.