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Sanpad Ltd was established as a Limited Liability Corporation. It is a company that deals is sanitary products with principal offices located in Nairobi.  The company sells trendy, disposable panty cum pad panties, among others.

Sanpad ltd is a company that was started with the needs of women at heart. It was started a by a woman who was frustrated with sanitary products in the market that would not meet her needs.

Sanpad  ltd  produces a panty cum pad that is disposable. It is a one in all ‘panty pad’ that is convenient for the modern woman. This is a product that is an alternative to traditional pads and tampons. It is attractive and looks like a regular panty.

Our target customers are women in the menstrual range - typically ages 13-45.

The health industry, under which this product falls, is an ever evolving one. Our company is projected to grow and serve the evolving needs of women. This is a product that will serve the full spectrum of menstrual intensity – from heavy to light. We will listen to our customers and modify and improve the products as necessary.

Sanpad Ltd seeks to ultimately be the leader in East African in disposable apparel industry by:

  • Building a brand that will be widely recognized as authentic East African.
  • Offering panties suitable for all client sizes.
  • Establishing and committing to "best practices" in all significant business processes, including ethical production practices, extensive training programs, tools, measurement, and sophisticated self-assessment and reporting systems.
  • Creating, nurturing, and enhancing customer relationships through problem solving and opportunity awareness, assessment of desired goals and results, and through routines and communications that constantly reinforce target relationships.

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