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Whenever businesses and organisationsdecide to procure the services of external consultants, their key concern is how to derive real added value from these services. 


At SBP Consult, we recognise this fact and have tailored our services to address this concern.  We address this concern through three key interconnected concepts: specificity, measurement, and assurance.




We believe that the right questions asked of the right people at the right time often lead to the right answers. We therefore work with you to define clearly your specific areas of need based on the suite of services that we provide. We take you through a detailed analytical process of cause-effect questioning and inthis way, help you clarify and sharpen the terms of reference of the consultancy at the pre-consultancy or negotiating stage. This is unique in the practice of consulting. What it means is that we work with you to develop the terms of reference. At this stage, by defining clearly what your real problem is and therefore the exact scope of work, you already begin to realise value by avoiding vagueness and ambiguity, both of which are costly in time and money.


It is also possible that at the pre-consultancy or negotiating stage, our analytical questioning will lead you to realise that you can address the problems without external help, i.e. that you do not need us, in which case you can terminate discussions at the negotiating stage, or that you only need help in a much smaller area.  Likewise, you may realise that the problem is much bigger and therefore decide to expand the scope of the consultancy, or have the consultancy in phases. Whatever the case, SBP Consult’s objective would be to help you realise real value.




Value that cannot be measured, even indirectly, is not real value. SBP Consult therefore works with you to agree on how to measure real added value. Together we develop the relevant metrics that objectively indicate added value and the prerequisites and conditions that need to exist to realise that added value. Added value is also measured against the total cost of the consultancy.


Finally, together,we agree on a realistic timeframe for the achievement of added value.




Fair pay for fair workoften leaves both parties happy. In other words, you pay for what was promised, no less no more.Once the specificity and the measurement requirements are met, SBP Consult would give a written undertaking that requires you, the client, to withhold a certain agreed percentage of the total fee until such a time that real value begins to be realised. There are some exceptions, such as when we are requested to facilitate an event, a workshop, etc; or when we are asked to develop a product (such as a strategic plan) and handover without the need for follow-through.

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