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At SBP Consult, we haveextensive expertise and experience in business and organisational strategy and management. The core competency of SBP Consultants comprises a combined experience obtained in the following diverse fields:

  • Airline industry
  • Regional integration
  • Trade policy
  • Trade facilitation
  • Supply chain and trade logistics
  • Agriculture: value-chain development
  • Pest management and research
  • Entrepreneurial development
  • Healthcare industry
  • Strategy coaching
  • Leadership development


SBP Consult willwork with you to identify opportunities for:

  • Alignment of strategy, structure and resources;
  • Enhancing and diversifyingrevenue;
  • Reducing costs without compromising quality or quantity;
  • Growing your business or organization;
  • Improving business processes and productivity;
  • Developing leadership and governance competencies;
  • Improving employee interpersonal dynamics and performance;
  • Designing a suitable performance management system; and
  • Conceptualising and writing winning project proposals or business plans.


In sum, we work with you to fulfil the purpose of your business or organization and help move you closer to realising your vision.


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